Top 10 Best Amazon Kitchen Finds

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I am addicted to Amazon. This post is all about the can’t-live-without items that I have found from Amazon, for my kitchen. These are all items I use regularly, some even on the daily. If you need to stock up your kitchen, these are a good starting point for anyone who loves to cook.

I have included links to both the Canadian and United States Amazon websites for each item. As I live in Canada and purchase on the Canadian Amazon website, I have done my best to find the same, or similar product link on the American site. Click on the name of each item to be directed to the link on Amazon. The links to the Canadian Amazon site are listed under each item’s description!

Without further ado, I bring to you my TEN favourite Amazon kitchen finds:

  1. Ninja Blender Set

By far my most favourite purchase to-date. I use the Ninja Kitchen System every day. It comes equipped with a high-powered blender, food processor and individual serving size cups for morning smoothies. I am positive that this blender is the next greatest thing, after a Vitamix, and significantly less expensive. It pulverizes ice and makes the best smoothie bowls!

I use this system mostly to make pie doughs, pestos, lattes and (almost) daily smoothie bowls. I have had it for almost six years now and it still works perfectly. I highly recommend!

Canadian Link: Ninja Blender Set

2. Juicer

Okay, now for my second favourite purchase. This juicer is friggin’ amazing for the price. Making fresh juice has quite literally changed my life and my health. I swear by it. This particular juicer is easy to clean and operate. It separates the pulp easily from the juice of any fruit or vegetable, even some of the harder veggies are liquified easily, such as carrots and celery. After using, I just remove all of the parts and rinse them out with water. After about four or five uses, I will wash them in soapy water. It even comes with a little brush to help with the job! A++.

Canadian Link: Juicer

3. Milk Frother

If you have seen my Instagram reels, you know I love making new and different coffee drinks in the morning. This Milk Frother is the bomb. It works so well and is super cheap. It takes 10-20 seconds to froth up your favourite milks (I personally love oat milk). To clean, just turn it on in a sink full of soapy water! It’s just the best contraption to have in your kitchen, and it also comes with an egg beater attachment!

Canadian Link: Milk Frother

4. Magnetic Spice Jars

If you have a smaller kitchen like me, and not much counter space, you need to get these Magnetic Spice Jars! Before buying these, I had a spice wheel that cluttered my countertop. I needed more room to work, so I invested in these babies, and let me tell you, I’m so glad I did. I filled them with all of my most used spices and attached them to the side of my fridge for quick access. They even come with premade labels, and blank ones for any spices that they didn’t have listed already (which were unnecessary for me, because they thought of all of the best ones)! A game changer.

Canadian Link: Magnetic Spice Jars

5. Cast Iron Pans

This is a two-for-one. I CANNOT live without these pans. I use them so frequently. First up, this regular cast iron pan. I use it for making both savoury dishes and desserts. It has the best heat distribution. I love it so much.

Secondly is this grill cast iron. It’s perfect if you want to grill meats, but don’t own a BBQ, or if you want to use it to grill veggies or fruits. I love using it for veggie burgers. Check out my Grilled Piña Colada French Toast for a recipe to make with this bad boy!

Canadian Link: Cast Iron Pan, Cast Iron Grill

6. Espresso Maker

This is the perfect accompaniment to the Milk Frother listed above. I love this Espresso Maker. It is white, clean and looks pretty on your stovetop. It quickly makes some delicious espresso shots for your morning fix. If you want to save money on espresso drinks, try adding this to your kitchen!

Canadian Link: Espresso Maker

7. Turntable

This one is for all of my cake decorators out there. Even if you are just getting into baking and decorating cakes, a turntable is a MUST. It makes the job so much easier and less stressful to do. I have TONS of cake decorating videos on my Instagram feed (@nevernoteatingca), if you are just beginning and want to see a few cakes come together!

Canadian Link: Turntable

8. Dutch Oven

What are you even doing if you don’t own a dutch oven?! This is the ultimate kitchen must-have. This heavy-duty dutch oven is perfect for high-temperature ovens. I make sourdough, stock, soups, stews, and even a whole roasted cauliflower in mine. There are just some things you need to splurge on.

Canadian Link: Dutch Oven

9. Pasta Roller

If you make homemade pasta, this one’s for you! I didn’t want to purchase a pasta attachment for my KitchenAid mixer because they were just too pricey. Therefore, I decided to look on Amazon for an alternative, and of course, I found something just as good! This Pasta Roller clamps to your countertop and has a number of settings and thicknesses that you can set prior to rolling out your dough. It cuts pasta into fettuccine, spaghetti, lasagna, linguine and more!

Canadian Link: Pasta Roller

10. Kitchen Scale

Let’s face it – We all know baking is a science, and it is 100 percent more precise with a kitchen scale. I use a kitchen scale pretty much everyday to feed my sourdough starter. You can set it to measure in ounces, grams, millilitres and pounds. It also comes with the very handy tare function, to set your scale back to zero at any point. This particular scale is sleek, modern and low-cost. Try it out when you bake to ensure accuracy with your recipes!

Canadian Link: Kitchen Scale

And, there you have it! Ten of my favourite essentials for the kitchen. I hope you found this blog post helpful. Leave a comment below to tell me your favourite kitchen tools!

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